So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

19 Sep


When I first started this blog, two years ago, I had great plans for it and so many ideas of the things I wanted to do and things I wanted to write about, but like with so many pet projects, life got in the way and it often ended up taking a backseat to whatever else I was doing. Even now, you can see that my last post was months ago and the one before that was god knows when. 

I got a reminder today that the domain is about to expire, and I’ve decided not to renew it. Truth be told, my heart isn’t in it anymore. On top of that, I’m back to university in a little over a week, and I know my next year is going to be crazy, a whole lot of late nights, too much Diet Coke and too little sleep, and that is where my heart is at the moment, that’s exactly what I want to be doing. 

Even though the domain is going to expire, the blog will still be online at, I’m not going to take it down altogether, but at the moment, I have no plans to resume posting. Maybe someday, eventually, I’ll go on a whole load of wonderful adventures and come crawling back to tell the world about them all, but for now, I’m going to say goodbye.


I’d like to thank anyone who liked the facebook page, followed me on twitter, subscribed, had RSS feeds or got in touch with or kept up with me one way or another over the last two years. It was really nice knowing that my words were actually being read by someone other than myself, and I hope you enjoyed what you did read. 

Until next time, all the best.


Laura x


Studying Alfresco

4 Jun


Today, I woke up to such a beautiful day outside that it just seemed such a waste to be indoors all day. I hauled myself and my books up to London Fields, where I managed to get very little study done, but did see some of East London’s finest characters, including a naked guy with a mullet.

Oh London, you never fail to entertain me.

East London Wanderings

3 Jun

It’s the start of summer, which means just as soon as the sun comes out, it’s exam period.

I’ve been chained to my desk the last couple of weeks, frantically trying to store as much information in my brain as I can. I spend my days reading about computer related things, and believe me, there’s times that I wish I too was a computer and could just happily upload neat little packets of data into my brain.

Tonight, to break the tedium of studying, I went out for a wander round the neighbourhood. Sometimes I forget how much I love this place. I wandered through Shoreditch, up to Haggerston along the canal and was just so delighted with how beautiful certain parts are.

Also, on my travels, I came across an adorable shopfront labelled “Barn The Spoon”. I googled it as soon as I got home, and to my delight, found that it belongs to a man named Barnaby Carder, aka Barn the Spoon, who carves wooden spoons for a living. You can read more about him here. 

Only in East London…

Pret a Manger Invades Shoreditch

14 Apr

Shoreditch Pret



If you’ve read much of my blog, you’ll know that I have a massive love for Shoreditch. I love its quirkiness and the colour and the liveliness of the place. I love all the odd pop up shops and independent cafes and kitsch bars and markets full of oddities. I love that wearing a full on sequinned dress is more commonplace than a business suit. This is my little corner of London and I love it. I’ve often told friends that it was “the closest thing I could find to New York this side of the Atlantic”, but in actuality, it’s got its own personality and I love that.

So, if Shoreditch makes my list of things I love, Pret a Manger ranks very highly on my list of things I hate. You can’t go anywhere in London without seeing yet another Pret, filled with bland food, overpriced sandwiches and office drones.

I’m sure you can imagine my disgust the other morning as I was heading to a lecture when I spotted that Pret has decided to get its greasy mitts on Shoreditch High Street.

In a city that is already becoming so homogenised by chain stores, do we really need yet another Pret? And furthermore, does it really need to be on Shoreditch High Street? They’ve already got one on Great Eastern Street, surely that’s enough?

Go back to the City, Pret, where all the black-clad 9 to 5-ers will welcome you with open arms.

Pret is now taking the place of what was once an independent cafe, Barone. There are so many chain shops all over London, surely this was one little patch they could have left be for another independent business to try their hand at?

It’s things like this that take away from what makes this neighbourhood special. All I can say is, if Barone didn’t work out in the same shop, I can only hope Pret fails in a massive way.



One of the sweetest things I’ve seen lately….

13 Mar

One of the sweetest things I've seen lately....

One of the sweetest things I’ve seen lately….

Hello again

25 Feb

I’ve been absolutely awful for updating the past couple of weeks (or months), and to those of you that are still here, apologies and thank you for sticking around.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a full time university student again now, and these days, computer science kind of dominates my entire existence. It’s amazing, and incredibly interesting, but all-consuming. I’ve been meaning to post for so long, but other things keep getting in the way.

I’d like to say I’ll be back to writing loads and posting a few times a week, but right now, I can’t promise anything. I can say though, that my intentions are good, so I hope you’ll watch this space.


Laura x

Want a (horrible) job in Dublin with the Dalkey Press?

15 Dec

I stumbled across the following job advert for a role with the Dalkey Press earlier on, via a link one of my friends had posted on Facebook:

Ireland is in the midst of a recession right now, that much is hard to escape from, and jobs are not exactly thick on the ground, so it is understandable to a point that recent graduates or those seeking experience are turning to internships to try and get their foot in the door. It is equally understandable that while on those internships, one is expected to be on their best behaviour. 

The job advert lists immediate reasons for dismissal, among them is “taking personal phone calls at work” and “surfing the web at work”, both of which are fair enough. 

However, the advert also states that the applicant must be willing to work for very little to no pay, and work their way up. Okay. It then goes on to state one of their reasons for dismissing someone is that person being unavailable to work in their own time, ie. evenings and weekends. 

They also don’t want anyone who will take holidays or has any family commitments. 

My question now, is what is the line that turns a mutually beneficial internship into unfair, unpaid labour? I think internships are such a grey area anyway, some are great and genuinely helpful to the intern moving their way up the career ladder, however, it’s so easy to cross over into a situation where it is just the employer taking full advantage of their employee/intern. 

It seems a little bit extreme that the Dalkey Press is demanding that their intern make themselves available 24/7 and have no life in or outside of work and yet the compensation offered hardly seems equal to the input that this person is going to give the company. 

Where is the line, and how can companies like this get away with this kind of thing? Surely with internships becoming increasingly commonplace there should be some kind of legislation to protect unpaid workers from being unfairly taken advantage of? 

What are your views? I’d love to hear them.